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Tony Graham
Our first vehicle circa 1920

We started almost 100 years ago by James Graham, the Great Grandfather of the current owner Tony Graham. Since then we have continued to serve the public. Our clients include Hewlett Packard and CIE. We have specialist wheelchair accessable buses used by Enable Ireland. We are South County Dublin's leading private mini bus company.


A photograph of James Graham in the 1920's with his horse and trap. Graham Transport has contiuned to operate for almost 100 years with a 100% safety record.

Anthony has a background in oversea developement, is a qualified transport manager and has recently completed a BComm (Hon) from UCD. Anthony can source the best aspects for your transport needs within your budget.

"Sometimes you see an old vehicle broken down at the side of the motorway with one guy standing alone from the rest of an unhappy bunch, that's the guy who booked the cheapest bus. You get what you paid for!" Anthony Graham

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