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Scenic tours of Dublin city center


We can collect you and your group from Dublin airport and take you to your hotel or take you on a scenic tour of Dublin city center including the medieval era landmarks such as Dublin castle and Christ church cathedral. Then collect you afterwards for your on ward journey or for a night out in a traditional Irish pub.

Hill walking tours of Dublin


We specialise in hill walking tours, from 6 persons to 50 persons, we can cater for all needs. With car parking security and break ins on vehicles a major deterant to hill walkers leaving their cars unattended while they enjoy a walk for several hours, we will collect you and drive you to your hill walking destination of choice. Plus with the added benifit of not having to retrace your steps back to your car we can pick you up at different location when you arrive there. Enjoy the social aspect of hill walking on your bus journey there when you don't have to worry about driving or enjoy a beer or two if you like, don't worry, we're driving!

Hill walking tours of Wicklow


We extend our tours into County Wicklow, the "Garden of Ireland". Enjoy the specatular lakes and Monastic sites of Glendalough, or the famous gardens and waterfalls at Powerscourt.


If Hill wakling isn't your preference then enjoy a delicious lunch in the many lake side hotel restarants with your friends or family. Our vehicles are fully equiped to cater for wheel chair or mobility challenged person, we can collect you and your family  from your retirement community or hospital for a change of scenery and a break.


Hill Walking tours Dublin & Wicklow.


We cater for hill walkers who travel to the best hill walking tours in Wicklow and then collect them at their destination. Or if you'd prefer to have lunch with your friends and family in view of some of the most spectacular scenery Dublin & Wicklow have to offer, we can transport you all there in comfort and style.

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